Certain cars have the ability to change how people feel. It’s an elusive quality that’s difficult to measure, and even harder to create. For Acura it means starting with one goal—bringing the driver and vehicle closer. It sounds simple, but it changes everything. It changes how we imagine possibilities, experiment with technology, and engineer smarter solutions. We believe there’s no other way to create cars like the Acura RLX and RLX Sport Hybrid. The RLX sedan is one of our greatest achievements in luxury, performance and technology. The RLX designers started from scratch, devising an intuitive touch screen with all the controls you need at any given time. Its centerpiece is a striking, seven-inch, color On Demand Multi-Use Display touch screen that puts the audio system and other features close at hand. Craftsmanship extends to every detail of the interior, keeping passengers in exquisite comfort and convenience. Playing inside the lines is still about avoiding them. One of the most aerodynamic cars on the road, every new RLX comes standard with The AcuraWatch suite of innovative safety and driver assistance technologies. From multi-view cameras to radar and ultrasonic sensors, it improves awareness and can even intervene to help avoid a collision.

Looking for a luxury hybrid? It should come as no surprise that the Sport Hybrid’s performance calls to mind a V-8: its three electric motors can produce 100 percent of their torque instantly. To deliver equally surprising fuel economy, the hybrid system can employ only electric power at low speeds, in addition to using regenerative braking technology as needed. The result: an EPA fuel economy rating of 30 mpg highway and 29 mpg city. Because they’re electric, these motors are able to deliver all their torque instantly, which translates to dramatic acceleration off the line. Should you need this kind of acceleration at speed, the gasoline engine and all three electric motors kick in simultaneously to deliver it quickly.